There is an abundance of opportunities for food entrepreneurs who are looking to start a virtual restaurant. At Jozi Cloud Kitchens, we are commercial kitchens specialists, and are very familiar with the food businesses that operate within them. By experiencing this trend first-hand, we are fully able and geared up to help you start your own virtual restaurant by providing you with a fully-equipped commercial kitchen to take advantage of this changing market.

How Does A Cloud Kitchen Work?​

Cloud kitchens are centralized licensed commercial food production facilities where anywhere from one or two to dozens of restaurants rent space to prepare delivery-optimized menu items. One restaurant may run multiple brands, or virtual restaurants, all operating under one roof, or the kitchen may be run like an incubator, shared by different purveyors. Picture a large warehouse with numerous stations (mini-restaurants) of stainless steel prep tables, hood vents, stoves, ovens, and sinks, each with its own orders coming in direct from customers. 

Optimized Menus

Cloud kitchen menu items are optimized for ease of production and reliability of food quality upon delivery.

Optimized Locations

Our kitchens are located optimally to be near residential delivery nodes . Our cloud kitchens offer driver parking, driver waiting areas (with screens to monitor order times) and check-in stations for seamless driver pick-up, all designed to get food out the door and into the customer’s hands as fast as possible. 

Our kitchens are uniquely tech-enabled

We take advantage of the now ubiquitous food delivery apps on your smartphone, such as UberEats, Mr D, and OrderIn. In doing so, we use large amounts of data to determine what types of foods to produce for specific neighbourhoods and when the demand is likely to be greatest.

Technology that works for you

As technology has matured, additional services have emerged to aggregate the various delivery apps into one portal. This makes for easier processing of multiple orders and delivery coordination as well as smarter food purchasing (ingredients) and production software for decreased food waste and increased per meal unit economics.

We provide turn-key solutions for delivery only restaurants


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