With Covid-19 creating a new reality for the restaurant industry, new ways of doing business need to be found. The barrier for entry is far lower for Virtual Restaurants compared with traditional restaurants. Planning your restaurant concept requires optimisation for delivery. The beauty of the Cloud Kitchen model is that it allows operators to experiment with new concepts with significantly less risk.

Why Delivery-only works?

Delivery is the fastest growing sector of the SA food industry with sales of c.R11 billion per annum and 10.6 million active users.

Source: Statista

Low overheads

Virtual Restaurants incur lower costs by eliminating the need for any front-of-house operations, floor space for seating, or high rents for storefronts with high foot traffic in prime locations.

Better efficiency

Using custom-built spaces and optimizing their processes specifically for delivery, Virtual Restaurants can run very efficiently.

Access to user data and real-time adaptability

Because our kitchens are designed with tech in mind, we can help you optimize processes, ordering, and staff scheduling based on consumer behaviour. Your menu can also be adapted to suit demand and increase margins, optimizing the model over time.


Not being tied to a physical location means you can change the menu or operating times to suit business needs without as much of an impact on customer satisfaction.

Optimized Location

Our kitchens are located perfectly at the heart of Sandton, with quick and easy access into the commercial CBD to capture the lunch time rush, and also optimally within a 5km radius of the surrounding high-density residential delivery nodes, such as Sandhurst, Morningside, Parkmore, Benmore and many others.

Our Delivery Partners

We provide turn-key solutions for delivery only restaurants


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